9th Medieval Rose Festival … coming soon!

21 June in Lindos – St. Stephen sq.
A Midsummer Feast
20:30 Main square of Lindos – the pagean begins.
21:00 Feast at St. Stephen Sq. including:
Live music, dance, swordfight, men on stillts, horseback riding, midsummer custom with bonfires and bazaar with  traditional cooked food (made by local housewives), roast meat & beer.
26 – 27 June in Medieval Town – Lady of the Burgh & side Park (Alchadef str)
A Time Travel
19:00 Orfeos str – the pagean begins (all the way down to Socrates str and until the Lady of the Burgh church)
19:30 Feast at the cut church and the park including:
Dances (medieval, oriental, themed), live music (choir, instrumental, outdoor, percussioners), re-enactments (trio bastardi, the Gem Story), men on stillts, horseback riding, fireshow, showrfight, stillts’ workshop, swordfight workshop, the sirversmith, crossbow & longbow display, basketry display, games, byzanting art, food: roast meat, beer and traditional sweets from Greece and Cyprus …
28 June – Medieval Town and Moat
The Rhodes’ Dragon’s Quest 
17:00 Game begins from the Lady of the Burgh church
21:00 Pageantry starts from Orfeos str and then all the way down to the Lady of the Burgh, via Socrates str
FREE ENTRANCE to all the events.

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